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‘My apologies for saying you were uncivilised – this wine is excellent.’

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Iron age men, “I’ve only just bought this bronze stuff and you’re telling me I ought to upgrade to iron?”

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Village of Hadley in 1663 – Map


Bacon, Baldwin, Barnard, Boltwood, Church, Clark, Coleman, Crow, Dickison, Gardner, Goodman, Goodwin, Hawks, Hubbard, Kellogg, Lewis, Markham, Marsh, Montague, Moody, Nash, Partrigg, Porter, Russell, Smith, Stanley, Terry, Tilton, Warner, Webster, Wells, Westwood, White, Wood


History of Hadley : including the early history of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby, Massachusetts, Judd, Sylvester; Boltwood, Lucius M. (Lucius Manlius), Springfield, Mass. : H.R. Huntting & Company, 1905, 207 pages.

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History of Hadley : including the early history of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby, Massachusetts – ebook – PDF

History of Hadley : including the early history of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby, Massachusetts, Judd, Sylvester; Boltwood, Lucius M. (Lucius Manlius), Springfield, Mass. : H.R. Huntting & Company, 1905, 207 pages.

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Chapter I

Early settlements on Connecticut River – Controversies in the church at Hartford – Decision of the council of 1659 – Difficulties at Wethersfield …p1

Chapter II

Application to Massachusetts for land – Engagement at Hartford to remove to Massachusetts – Committee to lay out a town at Norwottuck; their return, not accepted – Proceedings of the first settlers in 1659 and 1660 -Settlers on the west side of the river- Courts of Justice – The new town named Hadley – Contest with Mr. Bradstreet ….. p10

Chapter III

Division of lands in New England – Hadley Homelots and Street – Manner of distributing Hadley Intervals – East side and west side Intervals – Hatfield Homelots – Measuring Land – Common Fields and Fences – Gates ………… p22

Chapter IV

Highways – Bridges – Ferries – Grist-mills – Bolting-mills – Saw-mills and sawing boards by hand …. p34

Chapter V

First Meeting-house – Bells – Mr. Russell, the first Minister- Salaries of Ministers – Hadley Church …… p42

Chapter VI

The Grammar School or Hopkins School – Schools of New England – Grammar Schools -Free Schools – Instruction of Females – Schools and Scholars in Hadley – School Houses – School-masters – School Books . . p48

Chapter VII

Ordinary-keepers or Inn-keepers – Retailers of wine and liquors – Selling liquors to Indians – Trial of Dr. Westcarr – Drinks in the 17th century – Distilling – Aqua vitae – Intemperance in New England … p62

Chapter VIII

Town Meetings – Townsmen’s Accounts – Freemen -Town Officers – Pound – Town By-laws – Occupations of the people – Petitions of Hadley, in 1665, 1669 and 1670 ……… p68

Chapter IX

Separation of Hatfield from Hadley – Proceedings of Hatfield … p78

Chapter X

County of Hampshire – Towns and Churches before 1700 – Courts in Hampshire – Town marks – Hadley cases in Courts – Presentments for wearing silks – Expenses of Courts – Transportation – Sleds – Prices of grain – Contributions for Harvard College …… p85

Chapter XI.

Lands in New England before it was settled by the English – Indian Burnings – Bushes – Burnings by the English – Wood and Timber – Firewood – Building Timber – Rift Timber – Clapboards – Saw-logs – Pasturing domestic animals in the woods ……. p96

Chapter XII

Good land of little value to Indians- Purchases by Penn and Pynchon – Purchases of the Indians in Norwottuck Valley – Remarks on the Indian Deeds – How Hatfield was purchased – How much Hadley paid for land – The name Norwottuck …….. p104

Chapter XIII

Indians near Connecticut River – The Norwottucks and their Forts – The Mohawks and their cruelty and cannibalism – The Mohawks in Hampshire County – Talks at Albany – Presents to the Mohawks – Entertainment of Indians – Wampum, or the money of the Indians … p114

Chapter XTV

The Indian War of 1675 and 1676 – Erroneous notions about Philip – Importance of the Nipmucks – Destruction of Brookfield – Mr. Stoddard’s account of the attempt to disarm the Norwottucks, and of their escape – Fight above Hatfield – Deerfield burnt – Men slain at Northfield – Capt. Beers and his party cut off at Northfield – Northfield deserted – Attack upon Hadley repelled by the aid of Gen. Goffe – Capt. Lathrop and his company slain at Bloody Brook – Deerfield abandoned – Burning of Springfield – Attack on Hatfield …p127

Chapter XV

Indian War of 1675 and 1676 – chiefly 1676 – Fortifications – Indians in the winter – War with the Narragansets – Destruction of Lancaster – Mrs. Rowlandson taken – Troops march to Miller’s River and thence to Hadley – Northampton assaulted – Ambuscade near Longmeadow – Three men slain at Hockanum – Scheme to bring the five Hampshire towns into two – The Falls fight above Deerfield – Attack on Hatfield – Major Talcott arrives from Norwich and Quabaug – Hadley assaulted – Expedition of Major Talcott and Capt. Henchman up the river – Indians flee to the Housatonnuc and are defeated by Major Talcott -War supposed to be at an end – Persons killed and captured at Hatfield and Deerfield in 1677- Recovery of the captives …….. p151

Chapter XVI

Fears on account of the attack upon Hatfield – Hadley fortifications – Number of persons slain in Hampshire – Buildings burnt – Benevolence – Cost of the war – Headquarters at Mr. Russell’s -War taxes in Hampshire – Colony expenses in Hampshire – Soldier’s wages – Flint locks and match locks – Praying Indians -Noises in the air – Garrison at Quabaug – Posts – Hadley Mill, the parley, etc. – Surgeon – Ferrymen and others – Scenes in Hadley ……… p179

Chapter XVII

Bounds of Hadley and additions – Grant of 1673 – Grant of 1683 – Land at the Falls – Grant of 1727 – Survey of 1739 – Controversy with Hatfield, 1707-1733 – New Houselots -Addition to old Houselots – New Street and lots – Grants of land – Skirts of Forty Acres and Hockanum – Fort River Pastures – Hadley Swamps ……. 185

Chapter XVIII

Coined Money – Taxation in 17th century- Hampshire County rates – War rates and charges in Hampshire -Money rates -How rates were paid – Grain for taxes – Hadley rates, 1682 and 1687- Changes in Hadley …. p195

Chapter XIX

Generals Whalley and Goffe -Hutchinson’s Account – President Stiles’ History -The Russell house and the Judges’ chamber …. p206

Chapter XX

The Militia and their postures and arms – Hadley militia – Hampshire Troop – Change in fire-arms – New Militia Law -New Military book – Bayonets – Colors – Calling the roll – Watches -Alarms . . . . p215

Chapter XXI

Witchcraft in Europe – In New England – In Hampshire County – Mary and Hugh Parsons of Springfield – Mary Parsons of Northampton – Death of John Stebbins of Northampton – Case of Mary Webster of Hadley -The witch mania of 1692 – Various notices relating to Witchcraft . . p224

Chapter XXII

The Poor of Hadley – Story of Rebekah Crow – Marriages and Weddings -Funerals and Mourning – Hadley Graveyard -Titles – Names – Old Style and New Style …p233

Chapter XXIII

The second Indian War, 1688 to 1698 – Six persons killed at Northfield – Presents to the Maquas – Destruction of Schenectady -Troubles with Albany Indians – Persons killed at Deerfield and Brookfield – Murder of Richard Church of Hadley, and trial and execution of two Indians – Attack in Hatfield meadows – Expenses of the war – Pay of soldiers – The war in Hampshire – Hampshire soldiers – Taxes – Palisades – Contributions ……….. p248

Chapter XXIV

Execution of Sarah Smith and Negro Jack – Sickness of 1689 – Change of Government – New Charter, 1692 – Connecticut and Hampshire County – Third Indian War began in 1703 – Destruction of Deerfield and Pascommuck, and other events in 1704 – Snowshoes – The war from 1705 to 1713 – Expenses – Taxes – Pay and food of soldiers – Captives – Scalps – Dogs – Dutch at Albany – Mohawks …… p261

Chapter XXV

Common lands – Division of Hadley lands now in Amherst – Division of Hadley lands now in South Hadley and Granby – The Crank – Highways and paths – Division of the Inner Commons in Hadley – Summary of Grants and Distributions – Hockanum – Peter Domo . . . p273

Chapter XXVI

Equivalent Land – New Towns – Land Speculation – Tar and Turpentine – Candlewood – Scarcity of Timber – Floating timber down the Connecticut – Logs on the meadows – Rafts of boards – Carting by the Falls – Hadley Landings – Island between Northampton and Hadley . . p281

Chapter XXVII

Paper Money, or Colony bills and Province bills – End of Province bills, 1750 – Old Tenor – The shad and salmon fishery at Hadley and South Hadley – Lampreys – Gatherings at the Falls ……p301

Chapter XXVIII

Second Meeting-house in Hadley- Sounding-board – Square glass – Seats and pews – Seating – Spire – Clock – Weather-cock – Bells – Horse-blocks – Stoves – Plan of the lower floor …….p310

Chapter XXIX

The second, third and fourth Ministers of Hadley- Ordinations – Inscriptions on the Gravestones of four Ministers – Texts and Sermons – The Lord’s Supper – Baptisms – Lectures – Whitfield – Minister’s wood …p318


Fourth Indian War, 1722-1726 – Expedition to the West Indies – Fifth War, 1744-1749 – Sixth War, 1754-1763 – Smallpox – Road to Albany – French Neutrals – Pirates …….. p331


Noxious Beasts and Birds – Wolves – Wildcats – Bears – Catamounts, Crows and Blackbirds – Woodchucks – Furred Animals and the Fur Trade – Beavers – Raccoons – Muskrats – Deer and Deer Hunting – Venison – Deerskin Garments – Wild Turkeys – Pigeons – Rattlesnakes . . p344

Chapter XXXII

Husbandry – Wheat, Peas, Rye, Meslin, Barley, Oats, Beans, Buckwheat, Indian Corn, Potatoes, Turnips, Pumpkins, Flax, Hemp, Broom Corn, and Brooms – Hay Grasses, native and foreign – Cider and Apples – Apple Molasses – Beer – Gardens ……. 3p53

Chapter XXXIII

Domestic Animals, etc. – Horses, Oxen – Fat Cattle – Butchers – Cows – Swine – Pork and Bacon – Puddings and Sausages – Sheep and Wool and trade to Newport – Domestic Fowls – Geese – Bees and Honey – Tobacco – Butter and Cheese – Flaxseed and Oil – Berries – Nuts – -Maple Sugar – Soap – Lights – Timepieces – Blue Dyeing – Cotton – Rags -Sleighs- Carriages – Wagon to and from Boston – Time of Planting, Harvesting, etc. – Statistics of four Towns, 1771 …… p367

Chapter XXXIV

South Hadley -First Settlement – First Meeting-bouse and Minister – Mr. Rawson forcibly ejected from the pulpit – Mr. Woodbridge settled – Contest about the second Meeting-house; one end cut down – The Parish divided – The First Parish – The Common – Schools – The Poor – Innkeepers and Retailers – The Revolutionary War – The Canal and Visitors – The Second Parish and Granby – Various matters . . .p387

Chapter XXXV

The Third Precinct, or East Hadley – First Meeting-house and Minister – Church Members – Minister’s Wood – Deacons – Second Minister – East Parish – District of Amherst – Representatives and Justices – Plan to divide Amherst – The Revolution – Tories – Taxes – Minute-men – Delegates and Representatives – Schools -The Poor – Innkeepers, etc. – Highways – Flat Hills – Physicians -Planters and householders – Insurrection – School dames . ….p404

Chapter XXXVI

Hadley Broad Street – Wearing of the banks by the river – New North Lane – Injury to Hadley by the river – Floods – Middle Street – Sidewalks – Shade Trees – Inhabitants in 1770 – North Hadley – Trees of Hadley -Mount Holyoke – Logs and Boards – Fences Clearing Land . . p419


Abbee, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Allis, Allison, Almy, Alvord, Amsden, Andrews, Arms,  Arnold, Ashley, Atchison, Atherton, Atwater, Atwell, Atwood, Austin, Ayers, Bacon, Bagg, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Bancroft, Barber, Bardwell, Barker, Barnard, Barns, Barrett, Barron, Barrow, Barlett, Bascom, Bass, Bates, Beaman, Belding, Bell, Benney, Bent, Billings, Bissell, Blake, Bliss, Bodman, Boltwood, Bonney, Brewer Bridgman, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Buell, Burk, Burr, Burt, Bush, Butler, Caddett, Carrier, Catlin, Chamberlain, Chapin, Chauncy, Church, Clapp, Clark, Clary, Cole, Coleman, Colt, Colton, Cook – Cooke, Cooley, Cowles, Craft, Crow, Crowfoot, Cutler, Dale, Dana, Days, Dean, Dickison, Dunakin, Dwight, Eastman, Edson, Edwards, Evens, Fairfield, Fellows, Ferry, Field, Foote, Fox, Frary, French, Gardner, Gaylor, Gillett, Golding, Goodale, Goodwell, Goodman, Goodrich, Graves, Green, Gunn, Hale, Hamilton, Hasting, Hawkes, Hawley, Henderson, Hibbard, Hilliard, Hinsdale, Hitchcock, Hodge, Hopkins, Hovey, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hunt, Ingersol, Ingram, James, Johnson, Jones, Judd, Kellogg, King, Kneeland, Lewis, Loomis, Lyman, Marsh, Mattoon, Montague, Moody, Morton, Murray, Nash, Newton, Noble, Northam, Parker, Parsons, Patridge, Petty, Phelps, Pierce, Pomeroy, Porter, Preston, Price, Prior, Pynchon, Reynold, Rice, Rider, Rood, Root, Rugg, Russell, Scott, Selden, Seymour, Sheldon, Smead, Smith, Stantley, Stebbins, Stevens, Stillman, Stockbridge, Stockwell, Stodddard, Strong, Taylor, Thompson, Vinton, Wade, Waite, Walker, Wallis, Ward, Warner, Warriner, Wells, White, Williams, Wood, Woodbridge, Wright, Wyatt,


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The captivity and deliverance of Mr. John Williams, pastor of the church in Deerfield, and Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, of Lancaster – ebook – PDF

The captivity and deliverance of Mr. John Williams, pastor of the church in Deerfield, and Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, of Lancaster : who were taken, together with their families and neighbors, by the French and Indians, and carried into Canada,  Williams, John, Brookfield [Mass.] : Printed by Hori Brown, from the press of E. Merriam & Co., 1811, 126 pages.

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Download PDF book

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‘So Roger, how’s your invention going?’

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‘I’ve traced out family tree back to some lizards in the Mesozoic era.’

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The Eleventh and Least Effective Biblical Plague…

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