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*Alden House historic site (E)
* Mayflower Descendants of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins (facebook group E)

* Cooke, Francisdownload PDF (E)

*A ‘Blacksheep’ Pilgrim or the First American Individualist? -Family Tree (E)
* Britannica  Mayflower (E)
* Calling all Mayflower Descendants (facebook group E)

* Canadian society of Mayflower Descendants  (E)
Deconstructing History: Mayflower
(video E)
Descendants of Mayflower (facebook group E)
Do You Have Mayflower Ancestry? Here is How to Prove It (E)
Encyclopaedia Britannica : Mayflower (E)
* Finding any Mayflower Ancestors – Family Tree (E)
* Full List of Mayflower Passengers in Gov. Bradford’s Newly-Restored Journal (E)
Genealogies of Mayflower passengers helps find descendants (CTV) (E)
* General Society Of Mayflower Descendants  (E)
Guide to Plymouth: and recollections of the Pilgrims (E)
* History Comes Alive at Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II (E)
Historic Plymouth 
(ebook E)
* History Revealed : 5 facts about the Mayflower (E)
* Indian New England before the Mayflower  (ebook E)
* Knowing Your Ancestors’ Professions Can Yield New Insights into Colonial Life (E)
* Massachusetts society of Mayflower descendants  (E)
* Mayflower ancestors and more in new genealogy records online 
* Mayflower Fact  (download doc) (E)
* Mayflower Families and Descendants (facebook group E)

Mayflower History (E)
* Mayflower Pilgrim Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland: Orphan, Survivor, Foremother (ebook E)
Mayflower Story – documentary (video E)
New light on the Pilgrim story (ebook E)
Pilgrim notes and queries (ebook E)
Pylgrym cronycles (ebook E)
* Researching Your Pilgrim Ancestry From Mayflower Ship Passengers (E)
* See Southampton – Mayflower (E)
Signers of the Mayflower compact (ebook E)
Signers of the Mayflower compact, and their descendants   (ebook E)
The Creation of the Mayflower Compact (video E)
* The First Thanksgiving : Voyage of the Mayflower (Interactive – teacher) (E)
* The history of the Mayflower ship (E)
* The Mayflower History channel  (E)
* The May-flower and her log : July 15, 1620-May 6, 1621, chiefly from original sources 
(ebook E)
* The Mayflower Pilgrim  (ebook E)
The Mayflower Pioneers: The Hardships They Encountered (ebook E)
The Pilgrims in their three homes, England, Holland, America (ebook E)
Tour of Mayflower Ship (1620) | First Ship of the Pilgrims & the Puritan’s Journey documentary (video E)
Views from Plymouth rock; a sketch of the early history of the Plymouth colony (ebook E)
* Visit Plymouth: Century village and Mayflower II (E)
We Shall Remain – After the Mayflower – documentary
 (video E)


* A brief history of the Pilgrims
* History of the Pilgrims and Puritains: their ancestry and descendants
* Illustrated guide to historic Plymouth, Massachusetts
I sailed on the Mayflower; the true story of a pilgrim youngster
* Mayflower 1620: a new look at a pilgrim voyage 
Mayflower families through five generations : descendants of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth, Mass., December 1620
* Mayflower Pilgrim descendants in Cape May County, New Jersey; memorial of the three hundredth anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, 1620-1920; a record of the Pilgrim descendants who early in its history settled in Cape May County, and some of their children throughout the several states of the union at the present time
* Pilgrims memorial, and guide to Plymouth: with a lithographic map ans height copperplate engravings
* Record Book: Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State de New York
* Songs of the Pilgrims 
The General society of Mayflower descendants; meetings, officers and members arranged in state societies, ancestors and their descendants
The Mayflower compact and its signers, with facsimiles and a list of the Mayflower passengers
* The Mayflower destiny
* the Mayflower Pilgrim
* The Pilgrim, brave settlers of Plymouth
* The Pilgrim Fathers
* The Pilgrim Shore
* The pilgrim town of Duxbury
* The pilot of the Mayflower; a tale of the children of the pilgrim republic
* Plymouth and the Pilgrims
The Plymouth Colony connection of Helen Marie Obear Stubbs
* When the Mayflower sailed away