d’Abancourt, Marie – marriageable daughter


She is also known as Marie d ‘Abancourt, Marie d’ Abancourt, Marie D ‘Abancour called La Caille and Marie Dabancour.

In 1618, Marie d’ABANCOURT was baptized in the church of Saint-Wast of Soissons from where her parents originate: Adrien d’Abancourt dit Lacaille and Simone d’Orgeville.

Adrien was one of thirty-seven engaged to go to Canada in 1632 to prepare for the establishment of Quebec. On April 8, 1632, he entered Le Havre for a period of three years for Guillaume de Caen, Quebec, for the Compagnie de la Nouvelle France.

Adrien returned to France following his appointment and returned in 1635 to New France with his family, his wife Simone d’Orgeville, and his daughter Marie, aged 16 years.

Adrien and Simone d’ORGEVILLE), St-Waast of Soissons, Ile-de-France (Aisne); D between 24-11-1678 and rec. 81, Quebec; 17, arrived in 1635 with his parents; To rec. 66 and 67, 48; 02-02-1660 confirmed at Château-Richer; 26-03-1637 quoted in Quebec City; Does not know how to sign; 1st m 09-10-1639 Québec with Jean JOLLIET; Family established in Québec; 7 children; 2e m 19-10-1651 Québec with Geoffroy GUILLOT dit Lavallée; Family established in Québec; 3 children; 3rd m 08-11-1665 Quebec with Martin PRÉVOST; Family established in Québec; No children. (CI: 45, 46, DGFQ: 2, 545, 603, 944, 945)

March 26, 1637: Marie is godmother – Quebec, Que., Canada of Jacques Bourdon.

On November 15, 1637, Mary married before Audouart, a notary in Quebec City.

She married Jehan Jollyet, 43, a tradesman from Sezanne (Marne), in Quebec City on October 9, 1639.

Together they have five children between 1642 and 1650.

  • Sieur Adrien Jolliet of Chansenaye (1643 – 1669) (by Jean Jolliet)
  • A boy who died at birth in 1644
  • Louis JOLLIET, baptized September 21, 1645, lord of Anticosti, explorer who accompanies Father Jacques MARQUETTE on the Mississippi. He died in 1701.
  • Marie who was born in 1648
  • Zacharie, born in 1650-1693, learned to work as a wheelwright, but he was known as a caterer who traveled through the rivers, forests and roads of this business. He helped to create his brother Louis’s to raise funds for the exploration of Mississippi.1651.

Very soon, Marie loses her parents.

Adrien d’Abancourt died on May 2, 1640: he drowned with a companion Etienne Sevestre, opposite Berthier in the islands of Bellechasse, where they had gone hunting.

Jean Jolliet found the bones of his father-in-law on May 20, 1641.

Adrien d’ABANCOURT was buried 26 May 1641 in Quebec City.

The mother of Marie, Simone D’Orgeville died in January 1649 at the age of 60 years.

Jean Jolliet died in hospital in Quebec after only twelve years of marriage in April 1651.

A widow Marie d’Abancourt called Lacaille convolved in second marriage with Geoffroy (Godfroy) Guillot dit Lavallée (dit Lavalet) son of Jean Guillot and Jeanne Coutin, October 19, 1651 in Quebec City.

Three children are born of this marriage:

Jean Lavallée in 1653 -1692
Elisabeth Guillot in 1656
Louise Guillot in 1659

Marie was confirmed at Château Richer on February 2, 1660.

Marie d’Abancourt is widowed again around 1665. It seems that Geoffroy Lavallée drowned on June 30th of this year.

The National Archives of Canada has an inventory of the movable and immovable property of the late Jean Jolliet and Marie d’Abancourt and also of the second marriage of the latter with the late Geoffroy Guillot Lavallée. This inventory was drawn up on July 18, 1665 by the notary Claude Auber in Quebec City.

Marie married in the third marriage on 8 November 1665 in Quebec City, Martin Prévost, son of Pierre Prévost and Charlotte Vien. Martin is widowed by Marie Olivier Manitouabewich, an Indian woman of the Huron tribe and father of six children – eight children.

Mary has no children with her last husband.

Census of 1666: In Beauport

Martin Prévost, 55 years old, resident
Marie d ‘Abancourt, 48 years old widow of Godefroi Guillot
Louis Prévost, 15 years old son
Jean Prévost, 6 years old, son
Jean Baptiste Prévost, 4 years old, son
Thérèse Prévost, 7 months, daughter
Élisabeth Guillot, 9 years old, daughter of Marie
Marie Houarlin, 33, engaged servant
Pierre Rouziliet, 27 years old, engaged servant
Nine cattle
Forty-five acres of land in value.

The children of Marie d’Abancourt thus appear in the census of 1666:
Louis is a cleric at the Séminaire de Québec,
Marie lives in Beaupré with her husband François Fortin
Louise Guillot 

Census of 1667: In Côte de Beauport

Martin Prévost, 58,
Marie d ‘Abancourt, 48 years old
Louis Prévost, 17 years old
Jean Prévost, 8 years old
Jean Baptiste Prévost, 6 years
Thérèse Prévost, 3 years
Marin Arlin, 30, engaged domestic
Lafontaine, 24, engaged domestic
Nine cattle
Forty-five acres of land in value.

The children of Marie d’Abancourt thus appear in the census of 1666
Elisabeth is a servant of Bertrand Chesnay in Beaupré.
Zacharie is an apprentice at Noël Morin
Louise is a servant at Beaupré’s home at Simon Guyon.

On October 7, 1675, Marie d’Abancourt was one of the witnesses to the marriage of her son Louis Jolliet with Claire Bissot, and her name appears on the marriage contract written by the notary Romain Becquet, who reports that Marie declared ” Sign “.

Testament of Marie d’Abancourt

Marie died between December 16, 1678, the date of the signature of his will to the notary Paul Vachon and the year of the census of 1681.

Census of 1681

Martin Prévost lives alone with his children and two servants.

But what became of his children to Mary at the census of 1681?

Marie Jolliet, Adrien Jolliet and Elisabeth Guillot are not present:

  • Adrien the census indicates that Jeanne Dodier is “widow of Adrien”.
  • Marie Jolliet and Elisabeth Guillot, we do not find any information.
  • Zacharie Jolliet lives in the Lower Town of Québec with his wife Marie Niel and their son Louis aged 2 years. He has 3 rifles.
  • Jean Lavallée lives in Saurel with Marguerite Duson, his wife and their five children, has 2 horned beasts and twelve acres in value.
  • Louise Guillot is married to Gabriel Gosselin with whom she has two children, Pierre and Louis: six other children live with them, as well as three servants. Her husband has 45 horned cattle, a donkey and 80 sheep, and 60 arpents in value.
  • Louis Jolliet, he lives in Anticosti, of which he is the lord, with his wife Claire Bissot, their children (Louis, Jean, Anne and Claire), six servants, and owns six rifles, two horned beasts and two arpents of land .