Armand, Marie -marriageable daughter

Marie Armand was born and baptized on August 10, 1638 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France. She is of Huguenot origin. She is the daughter of Jean Armand and Marie Mayries.

She came to Canada no later than 1656.

*** Marcel Trudel in her book Catalog of Immigrants says she got pregnant with her husband Guillaume DAVID. No evidence has been found to support this assertion. So, until proof to the contrary Marie Armand is considered a Girls to be married.

About 1656 Marie married Guillaume David in Trois-Rivières.

We find the couple in Trois-Rivières on October 23, 1657. We do not know if Mary could sign her name, but her husband certainly could not do it.

Guillaume was born around 1636, but is also of unknown origin and the name of his parents is also unknown. He is the brother of Claude David who married Suzanne Denoyon, a girl to marry.

Guillaume David and Marie Armand had 6 children.

Their first child, a boy named Jacques, was baptized at Trois-Rivières on October 23, 1657.

On December 29, 1657, Pierre Couc dit la Fleur (Lafleur) of Cognac filed a petition with the court against Barthelemy Bertaut (Bertault), arquebusier, as well as Claude and Guillaume David, inhabitants of Trois-Rivières, complaining of several outrages Made to him by the respondents. Ordered that the said Flower will prove by witnesses what it advances.

On January 11, 1658, Mathurine Poisson filed a motion against Guillaume David, the said Fish requesting a minot of corn, said David alleging damage caused by a pig. Ordered that the said David shall render the said minot of corn in eight plus the expenses.

From 1659 to 1666 he lived in Quebec, and in the registers of the lower town there were recorded acts of baptism for several of his children.

Guillaume and Marie were both confirmed in the Catholic Church on August 10, 1659 in Quebec City, which may give them some credibility to the thought that they were Huguenots.

Anne was born and baptized in Québec City on November 29, 1659, in Quebec City, unfortunately she died and was buried on December 21 of the same year.

Marguerite was born and baptized April 12, 1661 in Quebec City.

On April 6, 1663, Guillaume David received a concession from the Jesuits for land situated in the Sauvery Lordship, signed by Hierosme (Jérome) Laleman, Superior of the Jesuit Fathers.

Marie-Anne was born on December 15, 1663, in Quebec City.

On January 12, 1664, the judgment declaring a certain obligation of Mr. Guillaume David in favor of Nicolas Juchereau sieur de Saint-Denis was enforceable.

Madeleine was born on February 15, 1666, in Sorel.

In 1674, he was at Sorel, where he had a land conceived by the Sieur de Saurel. But Guillaume David did not stay long in Sorel.

He was frequently in New England where he made the fur trade much more lucrative with the English and the Dutch than the French. During his travels, he is accompanied by his eldest son Jacques and his son-in-law Pierre Montarras.

Marie-Angelique was born on 1 March 1678.

Many of these children are ancestors of the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow families, NY where the surname was changed to Davids, probably due to the Dutch influence in that area at the time.

*** Marie Armand died some time after May 1, 1678.

It is possible that she returned to France with Guillaume and died there. In 1711, Guillaume David lives in La Rochelle, as evidenced by a contract established on 26 October this year by notary Le Pailleur. Guillaume settled in New England, in 1678-1679 in New York, with his wife Marguerite and their descendants live there under the name of Montrose. At least one of his grandchildren will be baptized at the Reformed Church of New York.


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