Alton, Étiennette – marriageable daughter

Etiennette Alton

Étiennette Alton is the daughter of François Alton and Étiennette Barillay (Barille). His father’s trade is marshal.

Étiennette was baptized on 13 November 1638 in the parish of Saint-Thomas in La Flèche, Sarthe, France.

Étiennette has 1 brother and 4 sisters who are also baptized in the parish of Saint-Thomas. – Françoise is baptized on April 29, 1634.
– Estiennette is baptized 17 October 1653. She is buried 4 December 1635.
– Charlotte is baptized on November 22, 1636. She is buried on January 5, 1638.
– Etiennette see higher.
– François is baptized on November 29, 1641.
– Mary is baptized on December 22, 1642.

In 1659, she signed a contract with Claude Robutel, Sieur de Saint-André.

Étiennette and others agreed to marry, have children and ensure the future viability of the Ville Marie settlement. In return, the company paid the cost of her trip and provided her with a small dowry to set up a household. Étiennette joined Robutel and his wife on a sea voyage to New France.

The Montreal Recruit of 1659 was a very dramatic expedition. Before the departure of La Fleche, the inhabitants of the place, learning that nuns and young girls were going to embark at La Rochelle for the New World, were skeptical of the thought that “those frail damsels” On the 26th of May, at the sight of the horses, they blocked the road and M. ROBUTEL de Saint-André and other gentlemen forming their escort force their passage through the crowd, threatening them with their sword. Robutel brought with him his new wife Suzanne de GABRIEL.

Captain is Guillaume Poulet.

She embarks aboard the St-André, in La Rochelle.

In July the ship Saint-André is ready to leave but since the ship at served for two years at the naval hospital ship and it had never been quarantine and it is infected with plague. Just at sea the contagion wins all the passengers. Eight to ten people died, and perhaps eighteen in all, with those who died on arrival in Quebec, according to Abbé Faillon, who made the statement. The ship arrived in Quebec City on the 7th of September, around 7 pm, and in view of the daylight saving time, we landed only the next day. The hospital in Quebec City is filled with the most ill patients and the others are housed in the “Montreal store”, a warehouse where the goods were placed while waiting to leave on small ships for Montreal. This was not the only test they had to endure because the ship “wiped away the most furious storms and was in obvious danger of perishing.” The Relations report the arrival on this ship of two priests: Jacques LEMAÎTRE and Guillaume VIGNAL, Sulpiciens.

It took 22 days to get to Ville Marie via a small boat known as the “rowboat”. She arrived on September 29, 1659. She arrived in Montreal at the age of 21.

Étiennette signed a marriage contract,Before the notary Bénigne Basset, on December 9, 1659 with Marin Hurtubise,

Marin Hurtebise, was borned on October 26, 1631. He is the son of André and Renée Hermange, a native of Roeze-sur-Sarthe, St -Remi of Sille-le-Guillaume, Le Mans, France.

The ceremony took place on January 7, 1660 at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. Claude Robutel and Suzanne Gabriel are witnesses at their wedding.

Marin is a committed servant of Jean-Baptiste Mignon.

Confirmation: the 24.02.1660 in Quebec City

The family moved to Ville-Marie, Montreal.

On November 7, 1660, in Montreal, they wecolmed their first son, Pierre Hurtubise
*** Pierre married Marie-Geneviève Courault. They have 5 children. Pierre died on November 19, 1705 in Montreal.

On March 2, 1661, in Montreal, the birth of Étiennette Hurtubise took place.

On June 5, 1665, in Montreal, the birth of Jean Hurtubise took place.

Census of 1666

Marin Hurtubise, 33, resident
Étiennette Alton, 25, his wife
Etiennette, 4, daughter
Jean, 6 months, son

Census of 1667

Marin Heurtebise, 35
Étiennette Alton, 22, his wife
Pierre, 6, son
Etiennette, 5, daughter
Jean 2, son
Nicolas, a committed servant
8 livestock
30 arpents in value

On 25 August 1667, in Montreal, the birth of Louis Hurtubise took place.
*** Louis marries Jeanne Gateau. The couple had 6 children. Louis died on January 24, 1703 in Montreal.

On 24 February 1670, in Montreal, the birth of Marie Hurtubise took place.
*** Marie marries Paul Descaries. The couple on a boy. Marie died on February 17, 1703 in Montreal.

On 14 February 1672, in Montreal, the birth of Marin Hurtubise took place. Marin Hurtubise died on May 12, 1672.

Étiennette entered into a marriage contract a month later, on June 12, 1672, with Barthélemy Vinet dit Larente, before the notary Bénigne Basset. Barthélemy is the son of François and Denise Brunet.

The ceremony took place the following day, June 13, 1672, at the Basilica of Montreal of the parish of Notre-Dame. It is celebrated by the cure G. Perot. The witnesses at their marriage were Mr. Migeon de Branssart, tax attorney for the place, Mr. Johan (Jean) Gervaise, Mr. Chevalier, Mr. Leduc and René Moriau.

The family settled in the fief of Verdun, in Lachine.

Vinet worked for Jean-Baptiste Migeon, an activist who went to jail for accusing the governor of Montreal of violating the fur trade laws and was later charged with violating the same laws.

On February 18, 1674, in Montreal, the birth of Marie Cunégonde Vinet took place. ***Marie Cunégonde married François Dubois – Brisebois on 31 August 1693. Marie died on 24 August 1760 in Pointe-Claire.

On November 23, 1675 in Montreal, the birth of Marie Madeleine Vinet took place. ***Marie Madeleine died August 21, 1738, at the Quebec General Hospital.

Around 1678, in Montreal, the birth of Guillaume Vinet took place.  ***Guillaume became engaged west on 27 May 1701. Guillaume married 2 January 1715 in Pointe-Claire, Montreal with Marie Anne Denis St-Denis.

On April 7, 1680 in Lachine, Montreal, the birth of François Vinet took place. ***François married Marie Angélique André St-Michel on March 1, 1701 in Montreal.

Census 1681 Census: Fief Verdun:
Barthelemy Vinet, 48
Étiennette Alton, 42, his wife
Pierre Hurtubise, 20, son of Étiennette
Jean Hurtubise, 16, son of Étiennette
Louis Hurtubise, 14, son of Étiennette
Marie Hurtubise, 11, daughter of Étiennette
Marin Hurtubise, 9, son of Étiennette
Gunégonde Vinet, 7,
Madelaine Vinet, 6,
Guillaume Vinet 3
3 rifles
18 livestock
36 arpents in value

On February 16, 1683, in Lachine, Montreal, Barthélémi Vinet was born.
*** Barthélémi was buried on August 9, 1684 in Lachine.

On October 23, 1686, in the Judicial District of Montreal, the curatorship of the minor children of the late Marin Hurtubise and Étiennette Alton took place.

See 1 document of 4 pages CC601, S1, SS1, D17

Barthelemy died on 18 November 1687.

On November 21 and 22, 1687, the judicial district of Montreal held a trial for the guardianship of the minor children of Étiennette Alton, the late husband Marin Hurtibise, and her second husband, Barthélemy Vinet Larente.

1 document de 8 pages – CC601,S1,SS1,D22








Étiennette signed a marriage contract on December 13, 1688 with Claude Garigue dit Languedoc, a 13-year-old junior, son of Claude and Marguerite Garigue, before the notary Bénigne Basset. In the following April, wishing to retire to a convent, she canceled the contract. On the other hand, she ended up getting married anyway on October 18, 1689, in Lachine. She is then 51 years old.

On April 21, 1692, in the Judicial District of Montreal, the following order was issued: “Having regard to the application made today to the Council by Etiennette Alton, a wife of Claude Garigue, residing in Montreal, for the reasons contained therein alleged against the said Garigue, and that the Intendant will leave in a short time to To go to the said Montreal, it is said that the said parts will be judged and finally settled by the intendant, if he pleases, as also another request also presented today in this Council by Jean Quenet, And as guardian of the minor children of the late Marin Heurtebise and of the said Alton and former tutor to the minor children of the deceased Barthelemy (Barthélémi) Vinet dit LaRente and of the aforesaid Alton, also for the reasons stated therein, The proceeding between the said Quenet and the said Garigue into account shall be settled and finally adjudged by the Intendant, when he shall arrive at Montreal. The Council, in order to avoid lengthy proceedings and costs, ordered and ordered that the parties should withdraw to the intendant when he arrived at the said Montreal, to be finally settled what the said council requested of him make. BOCHART CHAMPIGNY. ”

1 document 1 page – TP1,S28,P4124 ou 1 document 1 page – P1,S28,P4670

On May 16, 1692, in the Judicial District of Montreal, there was a trial for the guardianship of the minor children of the late Marin Hurtubise and Étiennette Alton.

1 document de 2 pages. CC601,S1,SS1,D41

October 27, 1692 to December 22, 1692, in the Judicial District of Montreal

“Claude Garigue, a carpenter in Montreal, who was present in this city, appealed from the bailliage of Ville-Marie, Island of Montreal, on July 11 last, against Etiennette Alton, his wife, who was defective and failing to appear before the summons It given next. The exploit of the 27th October also signed by Lemoyne; And be served by the first bailiff or sergeant upon such requisition, to which it is directed to do so by it or by attorney on the first day that the Council shall return after the holiday of the finished seed. BOCHART CHAMPIGNY. ”

1 document 1 page – TP1,S28,P4247. ou 1 document  1 page -TP1,S28,P4794

At the beginning of 1690 Michel Garnier saw Claude Garigue “dragging his wife Tainette (Étiennette) Alton by the hair in the middle of the street like a dead animal, beating her with a stick and he also wanted to beat her with an ax. Until Christmas Day in 1692 to go to the notary Jean-Baptiste Pottier with the intention of signing a declaration against Garigue We will never know why Garnier waited so long to file these accusations: indifference?

On January 14, 1693, the wife Alton addresses the bailiwick to obtain separation from her husband. The applicant refers to the daily ill-treatment “as well as the dissipation of her property”. Moreover, “her husband the wheel of blow with fist and foot, drags it on the ground and wanted to spit it by treading it on the feet”. In short, the unfortunate “runs the risk of his life”. Fortunately, at his cries, several persons came to his rescue.

But the debauched husband does not stick to these batteries. In the fireside, the disputes follow one another from morning till night. According to the applicant, this climate will “make her die in languor while he (Garigue) makes good food and drunk at the expense of her good and of the grains she has collected” Did not the man Always well eaten and well drunk? If Garigue was content with the pleasures of the table and the alcove, it is still passing. But according to his wife, it is a sadist who feels the sickly need to indulge periodically in the grossest brutality. One evening, for example, after beating the depositor as usual, he dragged her into the mud and put “cow’s dung in her mouth to prevent her from shouting.” Taking fear and disgust, The poor woman runs away with her children. Whether invasion, evil or ill treatment is invoked, let us remember that many no longer consider marriage ties as indissoluble, towards the end of the 17th century.

(Source : Séguin Robert-Lionel « La vie libertine en Nouvelle-France au 17ème siècle » Leméac, 1972- Pierre Lalonde)

Claude Garigue died a year later, on December 21, 1693, in Montreal.

September 7, 1695 – September 23, 1695, in the Judicial District of Montreal, is held. Licensing and adjudication of the concession of the late Claude Garigue, husband in third marriages of the late Étiennette Alton.

“This judicial administration file consists of the following documents: an application by Jean Quenet of Lachine and joint heirs of Marin Hurtubise and Barthélemi Vinet dit Larente for the sale by auction of the concession of the late Claude Garigue, And the order to proceed with the auction; Various offers of interest addressed to the notary Saint-Martin (Adhémar) for the sieur de Rané; Posters and certifications of auctions by Maugue and Cabazier followed by the proposal of Jean Milot; The declaration of seizure “good and valid”; The auction between Jacques Beaudry doing for François Legantier, Sieur de Rané and Louis Lechevalier. ”

1 document de 13 pages – L4,S1,D132

On April 8, 1701, in the judicial district of Montreal, a trial was held between François Hazeur, Quebec merchant, applicant, represented by Jean Soumande, and Claude Garigue, husband of Étiennette Alton, defendant, for the payment of 55 livres due The rent of a house (Claude Garigue passed away December 21, 1693 ???)

1 document de2 pages – TL4,S1,D486

March 2, 1704 – July 15, 1704. The trial between Pierre Peire, Augustin Tréhet and Martin Delisle, with the surrendered rights of Charles de Couagne, plaintiffs, and François Dubois dit Brisebois and Cunégonde Vinet, Wife, defendants, for the seizure of a concession on obligation.

“This file of civil matters is composed of the following documents: the tenders for auction sale of a concession belonging to François Dubois and Cunégonde Vinet, at the request of Guillaume Delort, attorney of Peire, Tréhet and Delisle; The transcription of a notarial declaration by Étiennette Alton, widow of Vinet dit Larente, in her name and that of Guillaume and Madeleine Vinet, her children, claiming to be opposed to the distribution of Dubois’s property; The meaning of the opposition to Delort and that of the summons to appear at Dubois to propose means of nullity; And the latter’s request to appoint two practitioners to certify the auctions. “

documents 32 pages – TL4,S1,D750

Étiennette has lived for 29 years after her last husband died. She died and was buried in Montreal, just before Christmas, December 19, 1722, at the Notre Dame Hospital in Montreal, 84 years old.