Aubert, Marguerite – Marriageable daughter

Marguerite Aubert Marguerite Aubert was born around 1619 in La Ventrouze.

Her parents are Guillaume Aubert and Léonarde Alienore Chaline.

Marguerite Aubert arrived in Canada around 1635.

She married on November 20, 1635, Martin Grouvel or Gravel in Notre-Dame, Quebec, before their witnesses François Destrée dit Mr. Gaud and Henry Pinguet. The ceremony is celebrated by Father Charles Lalement,  Jesuit.

Martin is a carpenter  and boatman. He was a churchwarden of Quebec. Martin died before the inventory of 25th April 1661 made before the notary Audouart. He is the victim of a shipwreck near the Monts Notre-Dame in Gaspésie.

The couple, Marguerite and Martin, have no children.

On September 22, 1661, Marguerite signed a marriage contract with Michel Fillion, son of André and Gabrielle Saniery.

On September 26, 1661, she married Michel in Quebec, in front of their witnesses Jean Madry and Michel Peltier dit LaPrade. The ceremony is celebrated by Father H. Berniere.

The couple, Marguerite and Michel, have no children.

In 1661, Michel was a tax attorney for the Seigniory of Beauport.

In 1662, Michel was clerk of the Senechaussee of Quebec.

On September 23, 1663, Michel became a royal notary.

On September 24, 1664, Michel became clerk of the Sovereign Council of New France, a position he occupied until December 6, 1666.

The 1666 census relative to Notre-Dame-de-Québec presents Michel in these terms: “Michel Fillion, 33, notary royal; Marguerite Aubert, 45, his wife; Urbain Douismont, 23 years old, domestic servant; Élie Voysin, 25, Mathurin Lelièvre, 23, and And Jean Pezart, 35, committed. “

The census of 1681, presents Michel, who lives in Beauport, in these words: “Michel Filion, inhabitant, 44 years; Marguerite Aubert, his wife, 65 years old; Thomas Langlois, 26; Jean Filion, 15 years old, Antoinette, 15 years old, domestic; 1 rifle, 1 pistol, 10 horned beasts, 25 arpents in value. ”

John is the nephew of Michael; He was able to be “adopted” as soon as his mother remarried in 1669.

On June 6, 1689, Michel died in Beauport. He was buried the next day.

Marguerite Aubert dies after April 22, 1693 in Beauport.

*** April 22, 1693, is a date of a donation made to the General Hospital of Quebec, by Marguerite.