Sebastien Provencher – From Our French Canadian Ancestors book

Learn about the Sébastien Provencher’s Family Family in the chapter of Our French Canadians ancestors, Vol V, February 2000, Chapter 19, Thomas J. Laforest, 2000 The lisi Press, pages 202-213.

Sébastien Provencher
(1)Wedding :22 January 1663
Notary : Louis Laurent;
Bride : Marguerite Manchon (king’s Daughter)( – 28 January 1688);
* Marie Madeleine – Aubin Mondoux;
* Marguerite – Antoine Cottenoire;
* Louis – Simone Massé;
(2)wedding contract : 26 April 1691;
wedding : 14 May 1691;
Bride : Catherine Guillet (widow of Jacques Massé);
Present: Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse (father), Antoine Cottenoire, Sébastien Provencher junior;
* Sébastien – Marie Anne Massé;
* Jean Francois – Marguerite Moreau;
* Marie Catherine – Louis Massé;
* Jeanne – Médard Carpentier;
* Marie – Pierre Bourbeau;
* Marie Madeleine – François-Marie Didier;

other names:
Dodier, Trottier, Gagnon, Cloutier, Crête, Rivard, Pierre Boucher, Claude Herlin (notary), Louis Boussot (Sieur Laflotte), Michel Lemay, Father Claude-Jean Allouez, Jacques Vaudry, Jean Cusson (notary), Louis Lefebvre dit Lacroix, Quentin Moral, François Bigot, Nicolas Leblanc dit Labrie, François Sonneau (Arseneau), Guillaume Barette (notary), Martin Foisy, Antoine Baillargé, Charles Legardeur, Francois Rochereau, Michel Rochereau, Paul Vachon (notary),Marie Boucher, Pierre Leboulanger, Jacques Massé

Famille Fleury  Famille Brisebois
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