Jean and Charles Hamel – From Our French Canadian Ancestors book

Learn about the Jean and Charles Hamel’s Family in the chapter of Our French Canadians ancestors, Vol V, February 2000, Chapter 9, Thomas J. Laforest, 2000 The lisi Press, pages 80-89.

François Hamel – ?
* Charles
* Jean
* François
* Anne – Jacques Julien

Charles Hamel – (1) Judith Auvray
* Jean – Christine Charlotte Gaudry;
(2) Catherine Lemaistre (Lemaitre)
Wedding : 19 June 1656
Witnesses : Jean Hamel, Vincent Glorial, Pierre François
* Charles – Angélique Levasseur (Jean – Marguerite Richard),

Jean Hamel – Marie Auvray (2) René Pelletier (René – Marie Pellerin);
* Jean François (1661-1733) – Anne Félicité Levasseur;
* Pierre (1664-1722) – Félicité Levasseur;
* Marie Anne (1666-1731) – Jean Caille dit Picard;
* Charlotte (1669);
* Ignace Germain (1672-1732) became a priest;
* François (1674- ) – Marguerite Lemay;

other names: Jean Gloria, Nicolas Gaudry dit Bourbonnière, Antoine Duhamel dit Marette, Duquet (Notary), Romain Bequet (notary), Barbe de Boullogne, Gilles Rageot (notary), François Geneple (notary), Bernard de la Rivière (notary), Lousi Chambalon (notary), Noël Pinguet, Romain Duval, Laurent Duboc, Bonnie Grenier, Jacques Fouquees,

Famille Fleury Famille Labine
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