Massasoit’s town Sowams in Pokanoket, its history, legends and traditions – ebook – PDF

Massasoit’s town Sowams in Pokanoket, its history, legends and traditions, Virginia Baker, Warren, R.I., The author, 58 pages.

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Sowams, Pokanoket, Wampanoag, Narraganset, Sowamsett, Seekonk, Swansea, Rehoboth, Pequot, Annawon, Nantucket, Capawack (Martha’s Vineyard), Nipmuc, Namasket, Canonicus, Titicut, Tisquantum, Squanto, Hobbamock, Mattapoiset, Pocassets, Owsameqin, Sagamore, Sassamon,

3 brothers

* Asuhmequin
* Quadequina
* Massasoit
** Mooanum (Wamsutta, Alexnader, Sopaquitt) – Namumpum (Tatapanum or Weetamoe) (supposed to be daughter of Corbitant);
** Metacomet (Pometacom, Wewascowanett, King Philip) – Wootonekanuske (Weetamoe’s sister);
** Sunconewhew;
** Amy – Watuspaquin (Tuspaquin);

* Akkonmpoin (Uncompawen or Woonkaponehunt) – King Philip’s counsellor

New England, Mayflower, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Bristol, Warren, Barrington, Rhode Island, Roger Williams, Governor William Bradford, Pilgrim, Captain Thomas Dermer, Edward Winslow, Stephen Hopkins, Master John Hamden, Thomas Prince, Governor Winthrop, John Alden, Samuel Nash, Roger Williams, Thomas Willet, Miles Standish, Josiah Winslow, Thomas Clark, John Winslow, Thomas Cushman, William White, John Adams, Experience Mitchell, Resolve and Peregrine White, Hubbard, William Hammond, Coporel Belcher,

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