Massasoit of the Wampanoags – ebook – PDF

Massasoit of the Wampanoags, Alvin Gardner Weeks, [Fall River, Mass.] Priv. print. [The Plimpton press], 1919, 306 pages.

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1. Introductory
2. Indian Character
3. The Algonquins
4. The Wampanoags
5. Massasoit
6. Massasoit’s Family
7. Samoset, Squanto and Hobamock
8.The Narragansetts
9. Miantonomo
10. The Pequots, Mohicans, and other western tribes
11. King Philip and his captains

some of the names you will find in this ebook :

King Philip’s War, Cape Cod, Pilgrim, Mayflower, Salem, Narragansetts, Massachusetts, Puritains, Plymouth, New England, Pokanokets, Wampanoags, Mohegans, Algonquins, Iroquois, Appalachian, Mobilian, Tarratines, Abenaki, Souriquois, Micmacs, Etchemin, Iroquois, Pennacooks, Pocassets ,

Roger Williams, John Easton, Governor Bradford, Major Daniel Gookin, Hubbard, Mather, Schoolcraft, John and Sebastian Cabot, Caspar Cortereal, Bartholomew Gosnold, Sir Ferdinando Gorgs, Captain George Waymouth, Captain Henry Challons, Captain Edward Harlow, Captain Thomas Dermer, Captain John Smith, Captain Thomas Hunt, Major Talcott, Sergeant Huge Cole, James Brown, Colonel Robert B. Caverly, Captain Thomas Demers, Winslow, Governor Carver, Captain Benjamin Church, Governor Winthrop, Captain Miles Standish, John Billington, Arthur Peach, Captain Thomas Willett, Captain John Somerset, William Collier, George Fenwick, Thomas Gregson, Theophilus Eaton, John Oldham,

Squanto, Hobamock, Canonicus, Miantonomo, Ninigret, Awashonk, Assawamsett, Wonolancet, Samoset, Red Jacket, Joseph Brant, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Caunbitant, Chicataubut, Huttamoiden, Appanow, Corbitant,

Quadequina (Massasoit’s brother);
Akkompoin (or Uncompawen, Woonkaponehunt and Vucumpowet) (Massasoit’s brother);

Massasoit Wampanoag;
* Sunconewhew (or Sonkanuhoo);
* Mioneaime (or Moanam) (Pokanoket) Tuspaquin;
** Benjamin Tuspaquin;
*** Benjamin Tuspaquin;
**** Lydia (Tuspaquin) Wamsley;
***** Phebe (Wamsley) Gould
*** Mary Tuspaquin
* Wamsutta (or Moonanam or Alexander ok P) Wampanoag – Weetamo (or Tatapanum) Pocasset;
** Laughing Water Wampanoag – William Austin;
*** Benoni Austin – Mercy (thompson) Jenkins;
* Metacomet Pokanoket;
* Metacom (or Pometacom) Massasoit = King Philip – Wootonekanuske;
* Unknown Wampanoag;
* Amie (Wampanoag) Assawamset – Tuspaquin;
** William Tuspaquin;
** Benjamin Tuspaquin -Assawetough (or Merey Felix) (daughter of John Sassamon);

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