History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags : including the early history of the settlers of New England

History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags : including the early history of the settlers of New England, John Stevens Cabot, New York : Harper & Brothers, 1857, 428 pages.

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Plymouth Bay



1. Landing of the Pilgrims
2. Massasoit
3. Clouds of War
4. The Pequot War
5. Commencement of the reign of King Philip
6. Commencement of hostilities
7. Autumn and winter campaigns
8. Captivity of Mrs. Rowlandson
9. The Indians victorious
10. The Vicissitudes of war
11. Death of King Philip
12 Conclusion of the war

some of the words or names found in this book

King Philip’s war, New England, Mayflower, Cape Cod, Pilgrim, Plymouth, Christianity, Puritain, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Fort Saybrook, Hartford, Windsor, New Haven, Duxbury, Rhode Island, Taunton, Dartmouth, Hadley, Hatfield, Deerfield,

Governor John Carver, Captain Weymouth, Governor William Bradford, Edward Winslow, Captain Miles Standish, John Goodman, Stephen Hopkins, Captain Hunt, Hampden, William Homes, Captain Norton, Captain Stone, Roger Williams, Captain Oldham, Captain John Gallop, Captain John Endicott, Captain John Mason, Captain Patrick, Captain Underhill, Captain Willet, Josiah Winslow, Csaptain Benjamin Church, Captain Almy, Captain Golding, Captain Wheeler, Major willard, Captain Beers, Major Treat, Captain Lothrop, Captain Mosely, Lieutenant Cooper, Major Appleton, John Woodcock, Rowlandson, Captain Pierce, Robert Staunton, Cotton Mather, Captain Wadsworth, Captain Holyoke, General Putnam,

Monhegan, Wampanoags, Narraganset, Nipmuck, Samoset, Squantum, Saconets, Pokanoket, Conanicus (chief of Narragansets), Hobbomak, Wittuwamet, Peksuot, Wequash (Pequot sachem), John Sassamon, Awashonks, Miantunnomah, Nanuntenoo,

Massasoit (King Philip),
* Wamsuta (Alexander) – Wetamoo,
* Pometacom (Philip),


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