The history of Roxbury town – ebook – PDF

The history of Roxbury town, Charles Mayo Ellis, Boston : Samuel G. Drake, 1847, pages 146.

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Synod’s act, Edward Dorr, fire in 1645, John Eliot’s petition June 20 in 1654, “Ancient transcript”, Cambridge agreement August 1629,

Abbot, Accers, Adams, Alcock, Allyn (Alleyn), Anderson, Archer, Aspinwall, Astwood, Atkins,

Balch, Ballantine, Ballard, Baker, Barwell, Baxter, Beard, Bell, Bellows, Bicharde, Blacksley, Blatt, Boffer, Boistan, Bourne, Bowis, Bowles (Bowelis), Boyse, Bradbrook, Brewer (Bruer), Bridge (Brigge, Bridges), Brook, Browne, Bugby (Boogby), Bull (Bell), Bumstead, Burdick, Burnet, Burr, Burrell, Butcher,

Carman, Carner, Carpenter, Cary, Cesworth, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chapen (Chapin), Chase, Cheney (Cheny), Child, Clarke, Coddington, Coggshall, Colbron, Cole, Coolodge, Corban, Corey, Cotton, Coy, Craft, Cumpton, Curtis, Cushing,

Dane, Danforth, Davenport, Davis, Denison (Dennison), Devotion, Dingham, Direton, Disbrough, Dorr, Draper, ,Dudley, Dummer, Dunkin,

Edwards, Eliot, Evans, Evens, Everett,

Farnham, Farrar,Fessenden, Finch, Foote, Ford, Foxcroft, Franklin, Frizzel,

Gamblin, Gamelin, Gardner, Gary (Gery), Goldwait, Goard, Goare, Googan, Gookins, Gore, Gorton, Graves, Greaton, Greene, Griggs, Gun,

Hale, Hall, Hammond, Hanchet, Hansford, Harbittle, Harris (Harise), Healey, Heath, Hemingway (Hemenway), Hews (Hewes), Hills, Hinds, Holmes, Holyoke, How, Howard, Hues, Hugbone, Humfrey, Huntingdon,

Jervis, Johnson, Jones,

Kane, Keebe, Kilborne, King Philip,

Lambe (Lamb), Levins, Lewis, Lyman, Lyon,

Marsh, Mather, Mathew, Mayes (Mays), Mead, Meriam, Metcalf, Mihill, Mills, Miller, Moody, Morell, Morgaine, Morgan, Morris, Mott,

Newell, Nichols, Norrice, Nowell, Offit, Oliver, Onion,

Palmer, Park, Parker, Pason (Payson, Paison), Patching, Peake, Peacock, Pepper, Perkins, Perry, Pettit, Pigge, Pinchon (Pynchon), Pierpont, Polly, Porter, Potter, Pratt, Prentice, Pritchard, Prudden, Pufroy,

Rawlings, Read, Reines, Rementon, Rigg, Roberts, Robinson, Roe, Roone, Ruggles,

Sabin, Saltonstall, Savel, Scarboro, Seaver, Sharpe, Sheafe, Shelly, Sheffield, Sherman, Short, Smith, Spisor, Stanton, Starkweather, Stebbins, Stevens, Stone, Stonnard (Stonehard), Stoughton, Stow (Stowe), Summer, Swaine,

Talmadge, Tatman (Totman), Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Torie, Toy, Trumble, Turner, Tynge,

Vassall, Vassaile,

Waban, Wakeman, Waterman, Wallis, Walter, Watson, Warren, Webb, Weld, West, Whipples, Williams, Winchester, White, Whittemore, Wilson, Winthrop, Wise, Woody, Wolford, Woodforde, Woodward, Write,

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