Guide to Plymouth: and recollections of the Pilgrims – ebook – PDF

Guide to Plymouth: and recollections of the Pilgrims, William Shaw Russell, Boston : Pub. for the author, by G. Coolidge, 1846, 440 pages.

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Chapter I. —A brief Historical Account of the Pilgrims pre- vious to their Removal from England to Holland,
Chapter II. —Departure of the Pilgrims for Holland —their arrival at Amsterdam,
Chapter III. —Residence of the Pilgrims in Holland — Thoughts of Removal from Leyden, and determination to embark for America,
Chapter IV. — The Embarkation of the Pilgrims at Delft-Haven, July 22d, 1620,
Chapter V. — The Departure of the Mayflower and Speedwell for America —Incidents of the Voyage —Arrival at Cape Cod,
Chapter VI. —Exploration of Cape Cod — Compact on board the Mayflower —Landing at Plymouth, …
Chapter VII. —Of their Landing and Settling a\ New Plymouth,
Chapter VIII. —The visit of Winslow and Hopkins to Pokanoket —Arrival of the ship Fortune —Edward Winslow’s letter to George Morton,
Chapter IX. —Arrival of Weston’s Colony in the Charity and Swan, 1622 — Their stay in Plymouth, and conduct there — Their removal to Wessaguscus — Gov. Bradford and Standish visit Cape Cod for supplies of corn — Sick- ness of Massassoit —Conspiracy of the Indians — Standish’s departure to Wessaguscus —Dissolution of Weston’s Colony,
Chapter X. —An abstract of important events and circumstances connected with the Pilgrims from 1623 to the Union of the Old Colony and Massachusetts in 1692, .
Chapter XI. —Genealogy of the Pilgrims —Table of Longevity — Closing Remarks on the Pilgrims, . . . 235
Chapter XII. —Description of Plymouth,

Adams, Adventurers, Merchant, List of their Names, Alden,  Allerton, Anthony, Attham, Alms House, Anable, Andrew, Ann (Ship), Atwood,

Baldwin, Bangs, Bartlett, Bass, Bassett, Bassite, Beale, Beauchamp, Billington, Bishop, Blossom, Bompass, Bonum, Bradford, Brewster, Brigges, Browen, Brown, Bucket, Burcher, Burying Hill,

Cannon, Cape Cod, Captain Hill, Carlyle, Carpenter, Carver, Cemetery, Clark’s Island, Clark, Clarke, Chilton, Choate, Clifton, Cochman, Cole’s Hill, the first Burial Place of the Pilgrims, Collier, Coner, Connan (Conant), Cook, Cooper, Cotton, Coventry, Crackston, Crombie, Cudbartsom, Cushman, Cuthbertson,

Dean, De La noye (Delanoy), De Tocqueville, Diman, Dixe, Doane, Dotey, Dotton, Drew, Durham, Dwight, Rev.,

Eaton, Eddy, Edey, English, Engravings, Everett,

Fallowell, Famine apprehended, Fance, Faunce, Finney, First Church of Plymouth, Flavell, Fletcher, Flood, Fortune (ship), Foster, Ford, Freemen in 1643 —in Plymouth and other towns in the Old Colony,Friendly Indians —Massassoit, Samoset, and others, Fuller, Samuel,

Gardiner, Geology of Plymouth, Godberson, Goffe, Goodman, Gudman,

Hartely, Heard, Heath, Hickes, Hilton, Hobson, Holland, Holman, Hopkins, Howland, Hutchinson, Hutson,

Indian Names, Jenings, Jenne, Jenny,

Kean, Kempton, Kendall, King, Knight, Knowles,

Latman, Leister, Lettice, Leyden, Long,

Margeson, Martin, Massasoit, his interview with the Pilgrims, Treaty of Peace, Masterson,
Mayflower, Michaell, Michell, Millshop, Morgan, Morton, Morton, Mott, Mourt’s Relation, Mullin,

New England Confederacy, Newbald, Newton, Nicolas,

Old Colony Club, Oldham, Ouldom,

Paddy, Palmer, Penn, Pennington, Perce, Perrin, Philip’s War, Pilgrim, Pitt, Plymouth, Pocok, Pointon, Pratt, Prence, Priest, Prince, Quarles,

Rande, RatlifFe, Revel, Ridgdale, Ring, Ripley, Robinson, Robbins, Rock, Forefather’s, Roger, Rooks,

Samoset, Samson, Sargent, Sharp,  Shirley, Simonson,  Snow, Soul, Southworth, Sowler, Spooner, Sprague, Standish, Statie, Steward, Sumner,

Tench, Thinker, Thornell, Tilden, Tilly, Torrey, Tracy (Tracie), Trumbull, Turner,

Wallen, Ward, Warren, Watson’s Hill, Webster, Weir’s Painting, Wensley, West, White, William, Winslow, Wood, Wright

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