The Pilgrims in their three homes, England, Holland, America – ebook – PDF

The Pilgrims in their three homes, England, Holland, America, William Elliot Griffis, Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1898, 296 pages.

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Introduction and Comparison
Nottingham and the Robin Hood Country
William Brewster
William Bradford
” Into a New World ” —Amsterdam
“A Fair and Beautiful City” —Leyden
Love, Courtship, and Marriage
Work and Play in Leyden
Life under a Federal Government
The Debate upon Emigration
Westward Ho !
The Compact at Cape Cod
In Their Third Home
The First Families of America
Sickness and Health, War and Diplomacy
Politics: Domestic and Foreign
A Visit from Manhattan
Law and Punishment
Food, Dress, and Social Life
Customs and Superstitions
The New England Confederation

Cape Cod, Connecticut, Dutch, German, “Indians”, Irish, Iroquois, Jamestown, Japan, Leyden, Maine, Massachusetts, Mayflower, Namaschet, Netherlands, New England, New Nertherland, New Plymouth,

Normans, Norsemen, Norwich, Plymouth, Puritanims, Puritans, Quackers, Roman Catholics, Salem, Sandy Hook, Saxons, Southampton, Swiss, Switzerland, Union of Utrecht, Virginia, West India Compagny, Witchcraft, Yorkshire

Adams, Ainsworth, Alden, Allerton, Andros, Arminius, Austerfield, Barker, Basset, Bayard, Bernard, Billington, Blanchard, Block, Bradford, Brewer, Brewster, Brown, Bunyan, Burcher, Burr, Butler, Butler, Butten, Cabot, Carey, Carleton, Carpenter, Carver, Champlain, Chandler, Chilton, Clifton, Codmore, Collins, Cushman, Davison, De forest, Dermer (Captain), Dexter, Dinbay, Dix, Dudley, Dunster, Durie, Eaton, Evans, Filley, Fletcher, Franklin (Benjamin), Fuller, Georges, Graef, Grindon, Hamden, Hawthorne, Hinckley, Hooper, Hopkins, Howland, Hudson, Hunt, Hunter, Jacobson, Jennings, Jepson, Johnson, Jones (Captain), King Philip, Laing, Lecht, Leland, Leper, Leslie, Lyford, Lysle, Massaoit, Mather, Matthews, Maurice, May, McDonald, Mekancke, Minther, Morrell, Morton, Motley, Mullins, Nevell, Oldham, Orlers, Pantes, Penn, Pettenger, Philips, Poe (Edgar A.), Prence, Priest, Raleigh, Ras, Reynolds, Robinson, Sandys, Savage, Scheffer, Scott, Sewall, Shillito, Sidney, Siers, Silvester, Simons, Smith, Smyth, Southworth, Standish, Starter, Steen, Stuart, Terry, Thompson, Tickens, Tilly, Tracy, Wesley, White, Wier, Williams, Willincks, Wilson, Winkler, Winslow Wituwamut, Wood,

King James I, Little James, Little John, Maid Marian, Nottinghamshire, Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest,

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