What befell Stephen Williams in his captivity – ebook – PDF

What befell Stephen Williams in his captivity : with an appendix, Williams, Stephen; Sheldon, George; Deerfield [Mass.] : Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, 1889, 43 pages.

Reading the book online archives.org

Download PDF book


  • Introduction…p3
  • Captivity ok Stephen Williams…p5
  • Attack on the Families ok Wells and Broughton…p13
  • Captivity ok Daniel Belding…p14
  • John Allen and Wife Killed…p17
  • Indian Depredations, 1704-8…p7
  • Captivity of Mahuman Hinsdale…p18
  • Capt. Benjamin Wright’s Scout to Shambly…p20
  • Capt. Thomas Baker’s Scout to Cowass…p22
  • Indian Raid.s on the Frontier, 1710-24…p25
  • Lieut. Timothy Childs wounded in Deerfield Meadows…p26
  • Deacon Samuel Field wounded at Greenfield…p27
  • Letter from Stephen Williams to President Wheelock…p27
  • Atherton’s Letter, where is it ?…p34

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