List of men in the Falls Fight under Captain William Turner, May 19th, 1676

List of men in the Falls Fight under Captain William Turner, May 19th, 1676; from

A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the times when the people by whom it was settled, unsettled and resettled vol 1, Sheldon, George, Deerfield, Mass. [Greenfield, Mass., Press of E.A. Hall & co.] , 1895, 698 pages.

Those marked thus * were killed ;
those thus @, were wounded.

Allis, William,* Hatfield.
Alexander, Nathaniel, Northampton.
Alvard, Thomas, Northampton.
Arms, William, Hatfield.
Ashdown, John,* Weymouth.
Atherton, Hope, Hatfield. Belcher, John, Braintree.
Ball, Samuel, Springfield.
Baker, Timothy, Northampton.
Barber, John, Springfield.
Bardvvell, Robert, Hatfield.
Bedortha, Samuel, Springfield.
Beers, Elnathan, Watertown.
Belding, Samuel, Hatfield.
Belding, Stephen, Hatfield.
Bennet, James,* Northampton.
Bennitt, John, Windham.
Boltwood, Samuel, Hadley.
Bradshaw, John, Medford.
Buckley, George.*
Burton, Jacob,* Topsfield.
Bushrod, Peter.
Chamberlain, Benjamin, Concord.
Chamberlain, Joseph, Concord.
Chapin, Japhet, Springfield.
Chase, John, Newbery.
Church, John,* Hadley,
Clapp, Preserved, Northampton.
Clark, William, Northampton.
Colby, John, Almsbury.
Colby, Samuel, Almsbury.
Colefax, John,* Hatfield.
Coleman, Noah, Hadley.
Crow, Samuel,* Hadley.
Crowfoot, Joseph, Springfield.
Cunnaball, John, Boston,
Dickinson, John,* Hadley.
Dickinson, Nathaniel, Hadley.
Drew. William, Hadley.
Dunkin, Jabez,* Worcester.
Ebon, George. @
Edwards, Benjamin, Northampton.
Elgar, Thomas, *Hadley.
Field, Samuel, Hatfield.
Flanders, John, Salisbury.
Foot, Nathaniel, Hatfield.
Foster, John.*
Fowler, Joseph,* Ipswich.
Fuller, Joseph, Newton.
Gillett, Samuel,* Hatfield.
Gerrin, Peter.*
Gleason, Isaac, Springfield.
Griffin, Joseph, Roxbury.
Grover, Simon, Boston.
Hadlock, John,* Concord.
Harrington, Robert, Springfield.
Harrison, Isaac,* Hadley.
Harwood, James.
Hawks, Eleazer, Hadley.
Hawks, John, Hadley.
Hindsdell, Experience,* Hadley.
Hitchcock, John, Springfield.
Hitchcock, Luke, Springfield.
Hodgman, Edward,* Springfield.
Hoit, David, Hadley.
Howard, William,* Salem.
Hughs, George,* Springfield.
Hunt, Samuel, Billerica.
Ingram, John, Hadley,
Jones, Abell, Northampton.
Jones, John.f Cambridge, (?)
Jones, Roger, Boston,
Jones, Samuel,* Yarmouth.
Keet, Franc[is], Northampton.
Kellogg, Joseph, Hadley.
King, John, Northampton.
King, Medad,* Northampton .(?)
Langbury, John,* (Came up with Capt. Lothrop; served later under Moseley.)
Lee, John, Westfield.
Leeds, Joseph, Dorchester.
Leonard, Josiah, Springfield.
Lyman, John, Northampton.
Lyon, Thomas,*
Man, Josiah,* Boston. (?)
Mattoon, Philip, Hadley.
Merry, Cornelius, Northampton,
Miller, John,* Northampton.
Miller, Thomas, Springfield.
Montague, Peter, Hadley.
Morgan, Isaac, Springfield.
Morgan, Jonathan, Springfield.
Munn, James, Colchester.
Munn, John, Colchester.
Newbery, Tryal, Maiden,
Nims, Godfrey, Northampton.
Old, Robert, Springfield.
Pearse, Nathaniel, Woburn.
Pike, Joseph,* Charlestown.
Poole, Benjamin,* Weymouth,
Pratt, John, Maiden.
Pressey, John, Almsbury.
Preston, John, Hadley,
Price, Robert, Northampton,
Pumrey, Caleb, Northampton.
Pumrey, Medad, Northampton.
Ransford, Samuel.*
Read, Thomas, Westford.
Roberts, Thomas.*
Rogers, Henry, Springfield.
Ropes, Ephraim,* Dedham(?)
Ruggles, George.*
Salter, John, Charlestown,
Scott, John,
Scott, William, Hatfield.
Selden, Joseph, Hadley.
Simms, John.*
Smead, William, Northampton.
Smith, John, Hadley,
Smith, Richard,
Stebbins, Benoni, Northampton.
Stebbins, Samuel, Springfield.
Stebbins, Thomas, Springfield.
Stephenson, James, Springfield.
Sutlief, Nathaniel,* t Hadley,
Sykes, Nathaniel, Springfield. (?)
Tay or Toy, Isaiah, Boston,
Taylor, John,*
Taylor, Jonathan, Springfield,
Thomas, Benjamin, Springfield,
Turner, Capt, William,* Boston.
Tyley, Samuel.
Veazy, Samuel,* Braintree.
Waite, Benjamin, Hatfield.
Walker, John *
Warriner, Joseph, Hadley
Watson, John, * Cambridge
Webb, John, Northampton
Webb, Richard, Northampton
Weller, Eleazer, Westfield
Weller, Thomas, Westfield
Wells, Jonathan @ Hadley
White, Henry, Hadley
Whiterage, John, * Salem
Worthington, William
Wright, James, Northampton

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