History of Montague : a typical Puritan town – ebook – PDF

History of Montague : a typical Puritan town,  Pressey, Edward PearsonRogers, Bruce,  Montague, Mass. : New Clairvaux Press, 1910,  306 pages.

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  • BOOK I. Invocation: Inspired by other New England historians, and by the charms and legends of “Hunting Hills,” Mr. P. undertakes the History of Montague.
  • BOOK II. Introductory: A discourse treating Montague history in a general way to beguile a summer’s afternoon; Montague field day of the P. V. M. A. F September 10, 1895.
  • BOOK III. The First Inhabitants: Reveals some knowledge of the creatures that left footprints in the red sandstone.
  • BOOK IV. Indians: Since the Indian always behaved himself in Montague, we let you know how on the whole, he laughed, prayed, sung, wrought, and spun yarns of magic.
  • BOOK V. Pioneers: History of the lumber camp that supplied Sunderland with boards for its first houses in 1714 and of the first settlers of the land.
  • BOOK VI. Winning Democracy: Just how the Congregational church hatched modern democracy when the Baptists and Unitarians cracked its shell.
  • BOOK VII. Causes and Conduct of the Revolution : How Montague helped save the democracy she had won and avoided paying tribute money to George III.’s favorites.
  • BOOK VIII. The King’s Highway : All about the old county roads and turnpikes and tavern life.
  • BOOK IX. The River : Its ancient fisheries, lumber rafts and commercial boating with Dewey’s River Odyssey.
  • BOOK X. Drum Taps, 1786-1865 : History of Montague’s romantic share in Shays’ rebellion and in the Civil War, and her opposition to some other wars.
  • BOOK XI. Old Town Memories :Being a transcript of notes on conversations with the oldest inhabitants and a brief Gunn history.
  • BOOK XII. Peskeomskut :Tells how Turners Falls began and grew and what she amounts to.
  • BOOK XIII. Old Town Industries : Recovers from oblivion something about our old-fashioned industries; and records the revival, in 1901, of making beautiful things.
  • BOOK XIV. Education : A complete- history of our schools from the beginning, including the location of every district school.
  • BOOK XV. Religion: The religion of the Puritans and the era of split, good feeling and don’t care. Religion is our deepest sincerity.
  • BOOK XVI. Visions :The charm and resources of our waters caused Philip to center his Indian commonwealth here. About Montague “City,” Crocker’s scheme and the old town.
  • APPENDIX : Gives complete lists of town officers from 1756-1910, history of Lake Pleasant, new Indian finds, and mixed matter.

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