Canada in the great world war: VOL 2 – ebook – PDF

Canada in the great world war; an authentic account of the military history of Canada from the earliest days to the close of the war of the nations VOL II, Toronto : United publishers of Canada, limited, 1918, 470 pages.

Reading the book online

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  • Causes of the Great World War p 1
  • Canada at war p 20
  • Creating the Canadian army p 45
  • Conscription in Canada p 87
  • Canada’s financial condition in its bearing by the war p 106
  • financial measures p 116
  • Canadian industry and the call for munitions p 128
  • The alien enemy in Canada, internment operations p 144
  • Canada in the war at sea p 162
  • voluntary war relief p 170
  • The censorship p 238
  • Canadian war camps p 242
  • The Canadian railways and the war p 258
  • The Canadian Armada p 266
  • At Salisbury plain p 276
  • First Canadian unit in France p 299
  • Princess Patricia’S Canadian light infantry p 311
  • Canadian with the imperial  forces p 335
  • Chronological account of the Great World War 1914 p 346


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